Unofficial breed special of Swedish Silky Terrier Club

Welcome to the unofficial breed special of Svenska Silkyterrierringen
(Swedish Silky Terrier Club)
at bvrevi sports ground in Tvaaker, 12th July 2020.
The breed club is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Theexhibition is open to our Nordic neighbours. Membership in Svenska Silkyterrierringen is appreciated (but not necessary).
Puppies and veterans 150 kronor.
Other adult dogs 250 kronor.
Junior handlers (3 different age categories) will be registered at the site.

Last entry and payment day is 12th June 2020. Please transfer to Postgiro 94376-1, specifying
the dog’s registration number
Iban SE03 95000099604200943761

You will find an entry form on our web page,

Judge: John Sheepard, Australia, subject to changes.

Parking for caravan/motor home can be reserved through Hallands Kennelklubb (County
Halland Kennel Club), phone +46 (0)340-403 75. Early reservation
recommended – restricted number of slots.
Other accommodation: Turistbvran Varberg (Varberg Tourist Centre),
phone +46 (0)340-86800.

We are planning a common dinner at cost on Saturday, 11th July. Entry and payment at the
same time as exhibition entry and payment. Price for adults 125 kronor pp, children up to
and including 12 years of age 60 kronor pp. Pleasespecify meat or fish.

Contact persons, for questions and information regarding the exhibition: Bjorn Einarsson +46 (0)738-10 8090, for accommodation and other questions
Catharina Perlenius c +46 (0)705 56 15 20

Upcoming events:
Hallands kennelklubb at Tvaaker 10th July: International exhibition, judge Tino Pehar.
Saturday 11th July national exhibition, judge Marie Thorpe. Subject to changes.
For information etc. on these exhibitions, please contact Berit Uhlen-Svensson, phone +46 (0)705 44 5112.

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